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Cookery Writer

A long time ago now, I wrote more than half a dozen vegetarian cookery books. I'd been vegetarian since the age of 19 at a time when not many were and I was determined to show just how delicious vegetarian food could be. I used to wake up in the middle of the night with ideas racing through my head - in fact for years, I prided myself on never cooking the same thing twice!

After nearly twenty years of working with food, creating and managing the UK's first top level vegetarian catering company, Culinary Arts, in 1987 and then joining the iconic Cranks vegetarian chain as Food Director in 1995, I decided to pursue another passion of mine and opened an art gallery called art piece gallery in the hinterland of Byron bay in Australia.


I thought I was done with cooking. As if anyone who likes to cook, eat, more importantly, feed others can ever be done with cooking. And anyway, I never gave up teaching and now and again, I continued to cook for weddings and private events. I could never have foreseen the circumstances that led to my renewed obsession with it though.


A couple of years ago, I re-connected with someone on Facebook I had known at university, a life time ago. I moved to Paris to be with him! Wild! Perhaps that explains the predominance of pastries and desserts on this site at the moment. Mind you all of my books have had a strong dessert component. For a start I like the perceived contradiction between a passion for vegetables and a passion for desserts.

This is a brand new website, so what you see here is really just a taster and there is still a lot to do. I am offering regular cookery classes in the Byron Bay area in New South Wales from July and I'm available to teach in London, Paris as well as anywhere in Europe or Australia. I will also be offering a range of delicious cakes and patisseries to people in my area. There will be many, many more recipes that I hope will make you want to cook and eat, some old, revisited, tweaked, many new. So I am busy testing, learning to take passable photographs, writing again and thrilled to be connecting with others who enjoy what I enjoy. 


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