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Black Rice Pudding with Coconut Cream and Mango

One of the many recipes that comes from my life in Australia and one that I think will accompany me whichever part of the globe I happen to find myself in.


It is another of the recipes from my book enjoy which is available online as an ebook.

As you can see from the list of optional ingredients, you can be flexible with the spicing but know that Pandanus leaves and star anise are the more traditional additions.



1 medium saucepan

4 pretty glasses



250 grams black, glutinous rice

60 grams palm sugar, or soft brown sugar

c. 1. 2 litres of water, maybe a little more

a pinch of salt

seeds from 4 cardamom pods


4 pandanus leaves

1 star anise, optional

1 x 2cm chunk of ginger, grated and squeezed for juice, optional

2 tbs grated or flaked coconut, optional

grated zest of 1 lime


To serve


200 ml coconut cream

2  firm but ripe mangoes, cheeks only, sliced

Juice of 1 lime, optional


Put the rice, sugar, water, salt and cardamom pods or pandanus leaves and star anise, if using, in a large pan, cover with the water and boil for 10 minutes. 

Reduce heat right down to a whisper, cover with a lid and let the rice simmer slowly for 45 minutes, stirring regularly.

Then turn the heat up again and stirring continuously, cook for another 15 - 20 minutes, longer if necessary, until the mix is a lovely, sloppy, creamy, comforting thing, the grains still intact though very soft.

Stir in the lime zest and ginger juice and transfer to glasses sturdy enough to take the heat.

Top with the coconut cream and the mango sliced from both the plump and juicy cheeks of each mango.

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