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A clafoutis with Mirabelles


After a day exploring Le Palais Royal and all its gorgeous little boutiques, made mirabelle clafoutis. It’s the season for it - a last hoora to summer fruit. There’s just enough of a chill in the evening sky to say yes to a warm, lightly caramelized desert. Hello autumn.


I use a good deal less flour than most recipes call for and a little less sugar, so it’s altogether lighter and slips down  easily for dessert or the next day’s breakfast.

BTW instead of milk, you see that I use cream and a little water (and sometimes a spoonful of liquor - think Limoncello  or Grand Marnier). Ups the deliciousness factor.


Pre heat oven to 210C



20 cm dish




6 eggs lightly beaten

2 ½ tbs double cream

1 tbs water, or a liquor – Limoncello or Grand Marnier

2tbs - 3tbs pale, soft brown sugar or caster sugar

2tbs plain flour, sifted

1 ½ tbs butter, melted

500g (or more) mirabelles, split open, stones removed


To serve

A jug of cream

Extra mirabelles, blended



Mix all the ingredients, except for the Mirabelle plums and

pour into a buttered 20 cm dish.

Deposit the plums on top with a scattering of brown sugar, enough to form a molten, caramelised crackle once cooked.

Bake for 10 minutes on 210C, a further 15 on 180C and 5 under a hot grill.

Serve hot or cold and anywhere in between, a spoonful of cream by the side, and from 300g ripe mirabelles blended smooth, a jug of mirabelle coulis too.

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