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Updated: May 22, 2020

Hello, this is my blog. It's my way of connecting with you, talking to you, having fun with you and of creating a posse, a community of like minded food nuts! Perhaps we will be colleagues, perhaps we will become friends. After nearly 40 years of creating vegetarian recipes, I think it's about time I reached out to you. I tend to hide, to go it alone, to run away into private musings and wistful fantasies. For all that I've longed for connection, other people who share my dreams, my default position has always been that of the lone player. The thought of being so publicly visible has been quite frankly terrifying. I am far too self critical to take lightly to scrutiny. When all those years ago, I was writing my books, there was a distance between me and you that kept me "safe". Once, a few years ago, I started a blog and within seconds of the first post, some high profile entities commented (as it happens positively) and I realised just how public this forum is. It sent me literally running for the hills. But the years have passed, it's become the norm, every day I communicate on Instagram. In fact, I've come to genuinely appreciate the contact, the comments, the love. So here I am again. This time I make a commitment to you: I'll stick around, I'll add a post once a week, natter and yabber and play with (my) food. I hope you'll join me. I hope we have an interesting, inspiring, intimate conversation. I hope we learn from each other.

I'll be primarily talking recipes, retreats, workshops. I have other passions too: interiors, flowers, fashion (or at least, clothes) and if it doesn't seem an incongruous addition to the mix, I have been meditating since I was 19 years old, so not to include this would feel incomplete. For many years, I felt I needed to justify my passions for one with my love for the other. But we seem to have entered a time where it is all the better to integrate and live all aspects of ourselves and our time on planet earth. Perhaps it is the recognition of the fragility of our eco system that gives so many of us this sense of urgency. I write this in Paris, 4 weeks into Covid 19 lockdown. So far, I've only had a couple of days of fear and panic and they were about the sudden realisation that I may indeed reach the end of my days without having expressed all that there is in me to express. I was filled with with sadness and then with redoubled energy. So here I am. Hello.

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